A REPRAP class Prusa Mendel I2 3d printer.

Once when I was very young I was cutting my Uncle’s lawn with a cheap mower. While maneuvering through the tall grasses behind his shed I experienced something I learned to loath. It was planned obsolescence. One of the rear wheels of the mower snapped off it’s axle. The hub was probably made with PVC or something that deteriorates quickly in sunlight! Nowadays I would’ve printed a new wheel in a few hours and shared the repair with all! Please stop going out and buying a new one if poorly engineered plastic devices fail. . .

I like timelapse photography so naturally I have a playlist of printing timelapses published here too! Check the menu for it.

Large PLA Tray
Lost PLA clamps
Molded printed gear with vents
Plastic extruder gears
Lost PLA HEATsync and aluminum socket with thermocouple slot!
crazy clamping motor mount idea

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